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  1. Spring!
  2. Red Red Robin
  3. The Creek
  4. Susquehanna (instrumental)
  5. Making Pies
  6. Precipice
  7. Step Into the Water
  8. Astilbe
  9. Blood Red the Stain
  10. Journey's End
  11. Someone to Come Home To
  12. Holiday
  13. Gone But Not Forgotten
  14. Glance in a Mirror
  15. Where?
  16. Bells of May Street
  17. Shiny White-Toed Hightops
  18. All the Pretty Birds
  19. His Hometown
  20. I Wrest My Joy
  21. Blessed
  22. Hanging Up the Snowshoes


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If you love Lui's music, check out her Kids' Jam Curriculum. Created for teachers and home-schoolers, it includes music Lui uses in the Kids' Jam classes she teaches. Lui is joined on the recordings by Anand Nayak, of Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem. The music is fun for kids and enjoyable for adults - it's a great way to introduce your kids or grandchildren to the music you love!