Complete Curriculum - Fall through Spring, year 1 & 2

Complete Curriculum - Fall through Spring, year 1 & 2

The Complete Curriculum Collection includes all eight seasonal cycles. Each seasonal cycle includes eighteen fun songs both you and your kids will love (except Summer, which includes fifteen). The accompanying songbooks include lyrics, chords, and standard notation, as well as helpful notes and a chart of the Curwen Hand Signs that are used in conjunction with solfège syllables.

Kids’ Jam will give you some specific tools to share with your child, along with lots of great new songs. There are story songs, silly songs, quiet songs and boisterous singing games, all designed to build a repertoire of songs that can be sung in family and community. There are songs with solfège verses built in to promote ear training. The songs may also be tied into the homeschool academic curriculum in such areas as earth sciences (including botany, biology, ecology and environmental studies), social sciences (history, cultural studies), and character education.

Singing games nurture skills necessary to sing, dance, or play an instrument, as well as to understand the basics of music. The games teach musical form, and introduce dynamics, tempo, and other musical elements, all while they promote small and large motor skills and rhythmic coordination - and they’re fun too! Each seasonal collection of Kids’ Jam includes traditional singing games, which engage the children in singing while keeping their bodies active.

All songs are recorded live in the studio by Lui Collins and Anand Nayak (known for his brilliant guitar work, vocals, and arrangements in the band Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem), with lead and harmony vocals, guitar, banjo, slide guitar, mandolin and more. The fun quotient is as high as the musicianship, making for enjoyable listening for the entire family.

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This CD/Book collection is also available in eight individual seasonal collections, either CD/Book combinations or CDs alone.

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